ITS ALL IN THE DOC BUt if you're lazy...

Born in the back of a 67 Deora, Jonny started life in Bolinas, California much like his idol, Leif Garrison who was born in the waves of Bolinas. It was a real water birth. 

Jonny moved to San Francisco when he was 13 with a guitar on his back and quickly met Domonique who later became Jonny's manager. As Jonny's career blossomed as a real street musician, so did his friendship with Domonique.

The BBC made a documentary about Jonny's internal struggle of success on the streets of San Francisco. 

Sine the rave reviews of the documentary (currently in numerous film festivals across Europe and Asia), Jonny met Bobby Hilton, James Sheraton and Jimmy La Quinta. They have backed Jonny up on a number of occasions at various venues in San Francisco. Docs Lab, Cafe Du Nord, the Independent and the Rickshaw Stop... were all sold out shows. Riots started on the streets during his last show at the Rickshaw Stop due to flaw at the ticketing booth.  Jonny then realized that his shows inside were too powerful to be inside. He campaigned to play outside once again at Outside Lands, 2018. During the campaign, La Quinta became addicted to wine and left the band and was replaced by Tal Holiday. Jonny decided that campaigning for Outside Lands was bad for the health of his band. Jonny played one last show at his old stomping grounds, Cafe Du Nord and rocked the roof off. He claimed it was his last ever live show. No one has heard from Ramada since… Du Nord is still owed a roof.